Modern Analytics

In standard SAP systems, you have the problem that you can only drive limited or no access to archives and external data, as well as flexible, cross-system analyzes.
The consequence is the separation of ERP and data warehouse, limited analysis possibilities of data, as well as a high expenditure for ABAP programming.

OA4ERP helps you to solve these problems by always having access to all connected data and even using templates that you have prepared for you, you can evaluate your data with the help of Cognos or SPSS or plan with TM1.


Module Analysis and Reporting

The OA4ERP solution enables to easily create and share analyses, reports and dashboards.

Templates of Module Analysis & Reporting
• Financial Accounting
• Controlling
• Materials Management
• Sales & Distribution
• Human Resources

Module Planning

This module of the OA4ERP solution provides the basis for strategic company decisions. The detailed analysis features enable to control your central processes more precisely.

Templates of Module Planning
• Balance Sheet Planning
• P & L Planning
• Sales / Revenue Planning
• Cost Planning
• Profit Margin Planning
• Investment Planning

Module Predictive

The predictive module of the OA4ERP solution allows for predictive analysis, considering the entire process from data collection to planning.

Templates of Module Predictive
• Product Analyses
• Customer Analyses
• Shopping Basket Analyses
• Personal Analyses
• Process Analyses

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